About Us

About Us

Laptop Land BD is a Trusted Laptop Wholesale and Retail Store in Bangladesh

Laptop Land BD is a leading seller of all kinds of IT-related products in Bangladesh. It’s been a place of reliability for new and used laptops & computer accessories as well as other accessories since its beginning back in 2019. It supplies A-grade used laptops imported from Dubai, Malaysia, and Singapore. With a goal of giving exceptional customer support, Laptop Land BD is also working with multiple corporate clients. Our professional experiences, which help to establish a meaningful relationships between the business and the consumers.

MD. Forkan Ahmed

Founder & CEO

Message From CEO

We started Laptop Land BD to provide the service in both local and international markets. The foundation structures have begun long before we were named as a company. As we play a pivotal role in our national economy, our respected business can take their chances to go online and digitalizes the existing corporate culture. we are contributing our best to make digital Bangladesh. At least I am thanked Almightily Allah to give me a chance to serve my country in an effective form and giving me the opportunity to make my dream real. I am also grateful to our respective clients and my employees for their passion and hard work. I hope Laptop Land BD will continue its journey towards success and keep the glorious name alive.